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Photo Backup Gadgets Review: the round-up.
What exactly is a "photo backup gadget"?
It is a small memory stick with a special software that automatically downloads ALL your photos and videos FROM your computer or mobile phone TO the gadget itself.
The catch is that these gadgets all use very smart pieces of software that do ALL the sorting work for you. They recognize the photos and videos from the rest of the file types, delete the duplicates, etc.

Why are these gadgets extremely important for non-tech people?
We're seeing an increasing trend of using a physical storage solution, which means that you have access IMMEDIATELY to all your albums in one place, and actually have them stored in a physical location IN YOUR HOME. Having a complete backup ensures your memories are safe and these solutions are 100% private (nothing is shared online).
Why this comparison article?
There are several photo gadgets being advertised in the US. From the first view it is hard to tell the difference between them. Which one gets you the most for your money and is the most secure one? And most of all: Which one to get if you are not a computer expert?
The end goal is to give you a bit more information about each gadget so you can easily distinguish which one suits your  needs best!
AlbumSaver: the Good
  • Very clean and easy to use interface
  • Great build quality
  • One of the fastest solutions (based on advanced USB 3.0 while some other gadgets with slower chips can take several hours)
  • It preserves your original folder structure by default settings
  • No additional or hidden costs beyond the one-time purchase
  • Best price for the quality you get.
  • FREE US Shipping in just a few days if you order multiple sticks
AlbumSaver: the Not So Good
  • Quite small physically - easy to misplace if you're not careful
  • Doesn't work with Linux operating system
Our Verdict: AlbumSaver is the best product in the line-up if you are looking for an EASY TO USE photo and video backing up solution. The settings in the software are by default so that it respects the same arrangements you have in your computer and automatically detects the duplicated files. Simple software settings and FAST transfer of files (USB 3.0). Smart choice for people that are not very tech savvy.

ThePhotoStick®: the Good
  • Nice mobile interface
  • One of the oldest photo storage device manufacturers on the market
  • No additional costs beyond the one-time purchase (works with a free app)
  • Offers free US shipping if you choose the options with larger storage
ThePhotoStick®: the Not So Good
  • You need to download an app from the app store for the mobile version to work
  • By default settings it saves all your photos to one folder which can create a mess
  • We've found some people online complain about their customer support responsiveness
  • The only solution that comes on a cheaper looking plastic stick
Our Verdict: ThePhotoStick® is a very good product from a reputable company that has been on the market for a long time. It is one of the most popular gadgets for all your mobile photos. Makes it very easy to transfer them to your computer or print them and free up storage space in your phone.

copyright InfinitiKloud
InfinitiKloud: the Good
  • Easy to use program interface
  • Nice new stick design, very compact
  • Saves files to the SD card instead of directly to the stick
  • Also works with mobile phones through a cable
InfinitiKloud: the Not So Good
  • A bit more expensive than other gadgets
  • You need to insert the Product Key to use it, not the easiest solution for people with less technical experience
Our Verdict:  One of the newer gadgets on the market with very nice usability in design. We would appreciate them taking an extra step to simplify the usage process further (eliminating the product key, etc.) for less technically skilled readers.

copyright MemorySafeX
MemorySafeX: the Good
  • Simple to use interface
  • No app needed for Android phones, just plug and play
  • Decent build quality
MemorySafeX: the Not So Good
  • Not available for computers
  • Only available in one storage size (64GB)
  • Not easy to reach their customer support
Our Verdict: We like the easy to use interface. We also like that for Android phones you do not need any fancy app. We do believe, however, that the previous options are still superior, given the fact that MemorySafeX customer support is a bit hard to reach and the memory size options are very scarce, to put it mildly.
copyright PictureKeeper
Picture Keeper: the Good
  • Nice and simple stick design
  • Offers several solutions for different device types
  • On their website they also sell cases to store them in
Picture Keeper: the Not So Good
  • Offers less storage space than other alternatives (the maximum size is 32/64 GB, half less than what some other gadgets offer)
  • Quite expensive
  • Harder to decide between all the storage options (separate sticks for each device type)
Our Verdict: It is a nice solution from a tech perspective but a little bit less easy-to-use with all the device options. Our biggest drawbacks are higher price and lower storage capacity compared to alternatives, which might not be enough to save all the photos and videos you store on your computer.
Our Final Aggregated Score Table:
Our Ranking methodology
We identified that there are many reputable players in the photo & video automatic backup industry.

Deciding on which are the best ones based on the value they bring to you was anything but easy, as they are all quite good quality products, as you would come to expect.

We tested them and based our scoring / final ranking on a wide variety of factors:  
  • EASE OF USE: is the product easily accessible for a non-tech person?
  • Are there instructions included with the gadget?
  • Are these instructions DETAILED and ACCURATE?
  • Quality of manufacturing
  • ​Quality of customer support
  • ​Brand reliability. How reputable it is, in other words.
  • ​Warranty and returns policy
A personal advice from Jeff:
Do not put your family photos at risk.

You are probably aware that if your computer crashes, there is a high chance you might lose all the data stored on it, right?

Well, how can we mitigate that?

1) DO NOT rely on LUCK or the comforting thought of "I will do it later".

This is the biggest mistake we see people do. When I was a young man, and quite naive, I thought that back-ups are for paranoid types...

Well, I still remember the first hard drive fail, a classic head crash, which rendered the disk unusable with total data loss.

It is a horrible feeling of desperation, especially when you realize there were pictures on that hard disk from your first holiday with your girlfriend-now-wife... And that, at that time, you copied them to the computer and deleted them from the camera to save space...

There is denial, no two ways about it, and you can go literally crazy if you think about all the memories you lost, so the therapy I recommend for that is just not thinking about any of it (but that's a different article, sorry). 

2. Make external PHYSICAL copies of your pictures. Preferably with an automated software.

Why physical? Because if the pictures are on an actual drive, stick, disk, etc they are IN YOUR HOUSE and not on some server far away who-knows-where. 

Why automatic copying? This actually happened to me: you might FORGET you copied important pictures in some obscure folder. An automated program WILL FIND THEM and copy them on the stick.

If I were you, I would secure my family pictures and videos, for peace of mind, with one of these three gadgets, without thinking twice:

That, in addition to keeping the memories just on my computer. Just make sure I have them in a safe place as well, in case the unthinkable happens. My kids will thank me.

At a glance:

2020 Best in show:
A close second place:
Also worth buying in 2020:
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Duncan C.

"AlbumSaver is amazing! Plugged it into my Mac and it quickly found all my photos and saved them. 70,000+ pics saved! Now I am relieved to have my memories stored safely and a lot of extra space on my computer as well."
Alison S.

"I use AlbumSaver to free space on my laptop and also have my family photos and videos stored safely somewhere other than on the computer. I find this smart as if something happens to my laptop I do not want to risk losing any of my memories."
Adrian Q.

"AlbumSaver is a very smart device that saves the pictures and videos you have on your computer with a single button press. Good to free up space and good to make sure you have a security copy of your family or holidays photos. Love it!"
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It doesnt have 2 have a pic
In case we want a bulleted list, here it is:
  • And the only thing I can say now is I wish someone would’ve invented this thing 
  • ​ And the only thing I can say now is I wish someone would’ve invented this thing
We can have this as a conclusion before the CTA. Sum up the goodies. Hit that buy button.
Look, I was skeptical about this little blue blinking light having any kind of effect on my sleep at first too. But I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. All I knew was that I HAD TO TRY SOMETHING NEW because I was so frustrated with having no success with anything else. And the only thing I can say now is I wish someone would’ve invented this thing sooner!

It really is an amazing little device that’s given me back my sleep and can probably do the same for you too.
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