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If you sit too much and eat a lot, you better know how to exercise!
By Jeff
Believe it or not, but I am also crazy about healthy diets & sports and I am lucky enough to have my own home gym. I would like to share with you a few tips that you can apply to become a happier & healthier version of yourself.
She probably knows what she is doing but alas! For most of us this will simply not be enough!
Do you think the lady above got in the shape she is in by doing crunches? You can afford crunches after you manage to lower the body fat to acceptable levels.
You might get a six pack underneath that belly but the said six pack will never be visible. What you need to concentrate instead in the gym and in your day to day life is reducing your OVERALL body fat percentage. How you do that? Get inspiration form the paleolithic diet: meat, fruit, eggs. Keep it simple. Do not sweat it if you occasionally have a pizza. Or a doughnut. Or a huge burger.
If you feel you are overeating, skip breakfast, and wait as much as possible. Cut sugar out of your diet. Seriously, it is quite easy. Especially stay away from sugary drinks! Healthy fruit drinks INCLUDED! They still contain sugars.

IF you have access to a gym:

When it comes to exercising you can be a cardio bunny, but you might be much better off doing the following strength training exercises WITH PERFECT FORM: 

1) Bar squat in the squat rack. 4 sets of 12-14 reps, 3 minutes breaks in between. Start light, very light! Do not use weights that you cannot do at least 12 correct reps with. Inform yourself about the correct form!

2) Deadlifts or Romanian Deadlifts. Your lower back, glutes and legs will thank you for it. Correct form and lower weights are essential.

3) Bench press and assisted pullups /pullups (if you can do them).

IF you do not have access to a gym or ANY equipment whatsoever:

1) Bodyweight squats. Yes, that is right, good old fashion body weight squats. When it gets super easy, try bench lunges. Like these guys below. Good luck walking the next day :)
2) Push-ups or, if they are too difficult, assisted push-ups. Like this:

Just make sure you put something comfy/soft under your knees to act as padding. You will work and tonify your chest and triceps.

All these exercises force your body to burn stored energy via your muscles and at the same time tonify those muscles. One thing I laugh about is people believing this will make them bulky. Worry not, at the most what is going to happen is some visible tonification after the first week. Takes years and working with insane weights and number of reps to get to build any significant amount of muscles. What you will obtain, though, with the proper diet, is to burn the layer of fat between skin and muscle. That is what will make you look amazing and feel much healthier.

To me by far the most complicated thing was getting my diet in check. 

The are plenty of specialized web services that offer just that but I found these guys to be the best:
I used them to get special recipes and generally fine tune the all the diet related details. I like the fact that it is all personalized based on what I like, so it is not just another cookie cutter program. Go ahead, pay them a visit.
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