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Which is the best photo back-up gadget?...
A comparison between the best photo saving gadgets currently on the market, the so called "photo saving sticks", "album savers" or "photo sticks".
Photo gadgets: AlbumSaver review
How this little gadget changes the way we back up, secure and manage our beloved picture collections.
Incredible gadgets to get this year!
Go into the article to see my selection of top U.S. gadgets you can buy this year. They are useful and can make our lives better.
5 Gadgets every person over 55 should have at home!
Over 55? Or almost getting there? I believe you could benefit from the extra quality of life these amazing 5 gadgets can bring to your every day.
The no contact "grab-it-all" tool we definitely need in this day and age! See what is does.
Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Who's The Winner?
Thinking of investing in a 'home assistant'? Here is my review of the two main players on the market. 
We move too little and eat too much bad food.
All the sitting all day if front of our screens compelled me to put together a few tips for those of us that want to work out and eat THE SMART WAY.
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All Your Information is Protected
Is the "cloud" really safe for storing your personal pics?
A look at the concerns regarding storing stuff "in the cloud" and how it might not be the most brilliant idea ever.
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